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Pop-up shop 

Pop up shop, opened on February 21st at 9 am. It was quite a memorable day, exhausting too, but memorable.
The picture, honestly, doesn't do it justice, the shop is the perfect creation of my vision. It is green, it has a bath tub full of soap, and all remaining shelves are recycled materials. It could't be more in brand. Sustainable.

Filming day back in August 2023

Back in August, my friend Kendal, who lives and works in Japan, came back home to visit for a month.we are friends, we are pen palls, and we are both keen creative minds.
We got together and had a wonderful ly creative day, where we put Kendal's fantastic videographer skills to use, and filmed a day in the life of Goly.
Please pop over to link and enjoy. It's a short video, but it sums up the beautiful making of Rose Salve.
This was filmed at The Southsea Deli on Elm Grove Road. 

Tattler Magazine, November edition, Beauty treats

This was a great big step out of my comfort zone. Being featured in a big magazine, but I have done it now, there's no going back.
You can find me on the 3 next upcoming Numbers of November, December and January...
The November print is Released on October 5th 2023.

Holo Magazine

Digital Magazine, feature and sponsor

Gorgeous feature on Holo Magazine, who I am also sponsoring.Please pop onto to the link to have a read. 

Tattler Magazine, December 

Featured in Tattler magazine on December's Festive Glam section. Can you spot Wisdom body lotion?