Self Care, Has it become a chore?

What the frik is self care you ask?

Well, let me tell you. Self care is whatever the hell you want it to be.

Ask yourself, what makes me feel happy, safe and comfortable? What makes me feel pampered and loved?

When you have managed to answer these questions, you will know what self care looks like to you.

For me, personally, self care looks like silence. A quiet day, long bath, a 15-minute stretch/Yoga session, and then spend the day in Pj’s watching good films with blankets and my favourite foods and snacks all day.

That was exactly what my Sunday looked like. I woke up around 7 am, had some water while I brewed my coffee, sat down in silence to enjoy my cuppa, then a bit of stretching, bath, clean pj’s and films all day. Sometimes it’s books. It really just depends on my mood.

But because I read everyday, during the day and at bedtime, Sundays are usually for films and my favourite Series.

On the odd Sunday I will do an extra long pampering session too. This will be when I need to wax my legs or do my nails. But I always do this followed by a bath, so it feels like part of the pamper/self care ritual, otherwise it just feels like something I need to do, a chore, and in the end it won’t get done.

Another thing I love to do as a form of self care is to journal. I mostly like to write it early in the mornings, if I have the time, if not after lunch… But this enables me to release any troublesome thoughts on to paper, and let go of them… It always activates my brain onto the next gear, as my creative juices always flow after journaling, so I have a section in my journal to jot down any new ideas that may pop up while writing.

I hope my input on Self care helps you simplify yours. I think it’s time we take the reigns and just do what works for us. Stop letting the influencers put pressure on you or your routines and rituals. You do you boo. The rest is inconsequential.

the most important message here being, You do you, ignore the influencers and the glam on the gram…. If you’re trying to do all of the things, instead of relaxing, you’re adding a chore to your daily routine. Self care some days is a 5 minute quiet break in the kitchen corridor, away from all chaos. Just learn to enjoy those moments, and do a full blown self care day as and when you can. 



Stef xxx